FitFlop™ WalkstarIIIToning
FitFlop™ WalkstarIIIToning
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FitFlop™ WalkstarIIIToning BRO
€ 69.00 € 34.50
$ 38.33 - £ 31.08

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Ladies Shoes FitFlop™

"FitFlop is a hybrid shoe that allows the wearer to walk in a more natural way, with greater comfort and superior performance of the calf and hip muscle groups than a normal tennis shoe. The overall movement of the body tends to resemble that of walking barefoot and functionality is better than that of the MBT shoe to allow a more natural gait.
The increased speed of the movement and the least time of contact of the foot with the ground have the advantage of allowing a walk faster and more energetic. "

Dr. Phillip Graham-Smith

Sports management - University of Salford, UK

Created in England as a result of research work carried out in collaboration between former Bliss spa-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, the largest biomechanical engineer David Cook and a team of untiring footwear engineers, FitFlop were initially designed to help modern woman to do a little 'more exercise during the hectic days made from a tight commitments.

"I thought it would have been great to invent something that would help fight the formation of cellulite while I was walking to the office," says Kilgore. "I work, I have kids, a husband. And the chance to see me joining a gym in the next 1
years are almost close to zero. But of course I always want to be slim. "

Ms. Kilgore has known Dr.Cook at the Centre for Human Performance at LSBU (London South Bank University) in London while working on a project studying the possibility of applying the technology microwobble-board, which is currently patent pending, to the foot of a hyper-functional shoe, flip flops, in fact. This shoe, slightly destabilizing, can be constructed with three different hardnesses of the support EVA foam in a plantar consisting of a piece in one piece casting, which makes the muscles work harder with every step, so as to function as a gym that automatic ... trains while walking!

FitFlop, the flip-flop with the gym in

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