Sensi JoeFishGirlSandals
Sensi JoeFishGirlSandals
€ 9.95
$ 11.06 - £ 8.96
Sensi JoeFishGirlSandals Bianco
€ 9.95
$ 11.06 - £ 8.96
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Product Description
Kids Shoes Sensi

The "Senses" were born about 50 years ago just for fun and from the hand of Lorenzo Senses and over the years have become a sought after item that has also won several Hollywood stars.

Now identified by all as "the Senses", are a mix of high quality - technology - design, but above all they are MADE IN ITALY.

Of years have passed and the Senses is not just technology and applied research to a product, but it has become fashion and design, thanks to the new generation that has been able to combine the experience of the past with the creativity of the present. Lorenzo Sensi has in fact moved in the children all experience and each one is entrusted with the responsibility of a sector of the company with specific annual targets to be achieved.

Surely it is for all these reasons that over the years - people in fashion and design, both Italian and foreign have supported their name to that of the Senses, the list could be long, just to name a few Dolce & Gabbana, Cerruti, Lanvin , Diesel, Michel Kors and not least the designer Paolo Ulian.

Color: White
Brand: Sensi
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