FitFlop™ SURFA Flip Flops
FitFlop™ SURFA Flip Flops
€ 89.00 € 59.00
$ 65.56 - £ 53.15
FitFlop™ SURFA Flip Flops Nero
€ 89.00 € 59.00
$ 65.56 - £ 53.15

Cod. U10000A45NER
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Product Description
Ladies Shoes FitFlop™
SURFA Flip Flops

Material: leather and other materials
Black colour
Brand Model Code: A45-090
surfa thong sandal

simple, casual and ready for summer. the surfa sport flip flops feature soft leather bands, this season in a smooth and carved design, and the very comfortable microwobbleboard ™ midsoles. a must-have for hot summer days.
the original microwobbleboard ™ midsoles, which cushion and distribute foot pressure
medium to wide fit
apma * seal of acceptance, for footwear whose great health benefit is recognized
extremely comfortable flip flops, designed according to the principles of biomechanics
in washable sports tape with a wavy design with colored stripes
with flip flops in soft ribbon
integrated and seamless outline of the plant
laboratory-tested non-slip rubber sole * of the american podiatric medical association
the microwobbleboard ™ midsole. launched with the first sandal seven years ago, the patent-pending triple density microwobbleboard midsole was designed by two British pioneers of biomechanics.
thanks to its extraordinary comfort, it not only absorbs shocks, but also distributes the pressure of the sole of the foot, instantly increasing the contact area of the foot with the midsole.
Brand: FitFlop™
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